Battery Backup KIT - Flybox

Battery Backup KIT - Flybox
Part # 8183326
Provide a backup power supply to the electric instruments.
€64.00 +TAX


This device keeps the power to the connected electrical instruments when missing the main power and during engine ignition. Must be connected to a backup battery (12V 2A, available on request) that is automatically charged when the main power is present. If main power fails the electrical instruments continue to work for a certain amount of time. Used with ECLIPSE, with a backup battery in good conditions and fully charged, the autonomy is about 1 hour with one ECLIPSE connected or 30 minutes with two ECLIPSE connected.


  • Connections through aeronautic cables, 20 cm length

  • Dimensions: 70 x 25 x 8 mm

  • Operating temperature range: -20~+70°C

  • Supply voltage: 12 ~ 15 V=

  • Max current supplied to the connected instruments: 3 Ampere

  • Supply current (device only): 110 uA (microAmpere)