CAN-RPM - Rotax 912iS RPM adapter

CAN-RPM - Rotax 912iS RPM adapter
Part # 300010
Allows you to use tachometers or propeller regulators with the Rotax 912iS engine.
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The Rotax 912iS manages all sensors via its control unit, providing the engine data via two digital CAN aerospace interfaces.
Unlike the standard 912 engine, is therefore no longer available the signal from the pickup motor.
This signal was essential for the operation of instruments such as analog or digital tachometer and electronic regulators for constant speed propellers.
CAN-RPM is a device that connects to the CAN output of Rotax 912iS control unit and provides at its output an analog signal, similar to that provided by a pickup and suitable for constant-speed propeller regulators such as Flybox PR1P, PR2P and analog or digital tachometers.


  • Plastic enclosures with flanged lid

  • Dimensions: 110 x 56 x H26 mm

  • Weight: 70 g

  • Operating temperature range: -20~+70°C

  • Supply voltage: 10~30 V=

  • 1 CAN input for Rotax control unit connection

  • 1 pulse output (0-30 V), tachometer signal