Flybox miniEIS - Diam. 80 mm

Part # 601000
In a single 80 mm instrument up to 32 functions. Save space and weight in your instrument panel, adding even more functions.
€1,195.60 TAX INCLUDED
You Save:


miniEISallows a complete management of all engine parameters, and more, in one 3 1/8" instrument:

tachometer, manifold pressure, oil pressure, oil temperature, up to 4 CHTs, up to 6 EGTs, fuel pressure, 9-function fuel computer, outside air temperature, carburetor air temperature, voltmeter, ammeter, automatic flight timer, 4 hour meters, two peak RPM memories and three video inputs for color cameras.
With a new and powerful microprocessor, a color display with very good readability in direct sunlight, a simple and intuitive interface and a complete alarm setup, the pilot can really reduce the  engine management workload.
With the miniEIS you  can get rid of continuously scanning across several instruments, thanks also to its configurable audio output alert .
A complete customization menu allows you to tune the miniEIS to your engine and your preferences.
The miniEIS software is constantly updated and freely upgradable from Internet.


  • Engine tachometer

  • Rotor tachometer or RPM %

  • MAP (manifold absolute pressure)

  • Oil pressure and temperature

  • 4 CHTs

  • 6 EGTs

  • 2 fuel level gauges


  • OAT (Outside air temp.)

  • CAT (Carburetor air temp.)

  • 9-functions fuel computer

  • Fuel pressure

  • 3 video inputs for color cameras

  • Battery voltage

  • Battery current


  • 4 hour-meter

  • Alarm audio out

  • Automatic flight timer

  • 2 RPM peak memories

  • User configurable alarms

  • GPS serial input

  • Remote control switches input



  • TFT color LCD screen

  • Standard 3 1/8” (80mm) panel mount

  • Dimensions: 82.5 x 82.5 x 123.2 mm

  • Weight: 440 g


  • Supply voltage: 11 ~ 15 V=

  • Supply current: 400mA

  • Operational temperature range: 0 ~ +60°C

  • Storage temperature range: -20 ~ +70°C

  • Humidity: 95%  @ 50°C