Flybox Eclipse MFD

Flybox Eclipse MFD
Part # 701030
MFD version (Multi Function Display) This version, installed on the copilot side, permits viewing all available data available from the main ECLIPSE unit (EIS, PFD or IFIS).
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ECLIPSE MFD, connected to a main ECLIPSE unit (EIS, PFD or IFIS) permits also showing all data on the copilot side. This version has the same design of the other 3 ECLIPSE models but it does not have any sensors integrated: it shows all data available on the main ECLIPSE to which is connected. Like the other models you can choose between different screens depending on your personal preferences.


  • Dimensions: 196 x 139 x 60 mm

  • Weight: 900 g

  • Operating temperature range: -20~+70 °C

  • Supply voltage: 12~15 Vdc

  • Supply current: 1 A

  • Electrical connections using D-Sub connectors

  • Software upgradable by means of SD card