Flybox Oblo' Auto Pilot EFIS-HSI 80mm

Flybox Oblo' Auto Pilot EFIS-HSI 80mm
Part # 801010
Flybox introduces «Oblò»: attitude indicator and primary flight data in a compact and lightweight instrument, that fits in a standard 3.125" (80mm) cut-out.
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FlyBox' Oblò accurately represents the aircraft attitude thanks to the integrated AHRS inertial platform, equipped with solid-state micromachined sensors (gyros, accelerometers and magnetometers) and a complex adaptive algorithm.
The two state-of-the-art pressure sensors provide the airspeed (airspeed indicator) and the altitude (altimeter), the latter with the option to set the pressure reference as in a traditional altimeter.
Unlike other products similar in size, the Oblò does not display the speed and altitude taken from a GPS receiver, but calculates them by itself. The airspeed and altitude indications, based on pressure sensors, do not suffer the typical delays and errors of GPS-based indications.

The calibration performed for each instrument guarantees for the altimeter a maximum error of 0.5 millibar (4.6meters) in a temperature range of -20 ~ +70°C and an altitude range of
-1000 ~ +25,000 feet and for the airspeed a maximum error of 3 km/h at low speed (below 30km/h), which decreases as the speed increases.

Auto Pilot on two axis: this autopilot can keep magnetica heading, GPS tracking and GOTO, altitude, flighplans.

  • Attitude indicator with 360° indication of roll and pitch.

  • Slip and turn rate.

  • Altimeter in feet or meters.

  • Vertical speed indicator.

  • Airspeed indicator in km/h, mph or knots.

  • G-meter with peak memory.

  • Magnetic heading or GPS tracking indication.

  • Pressure reference in InHg or hPA


Technical datas

  • Dimensions: 83 x 83 x 61 mm

  • Weight: 300 g

  • Operating temperature range: -20 ~ +70°C

  • Power supply: 10~20 Vdc, 0.26 A

  • Connections via DSUB 15 pin connector

  • Brightness: 1200NITS, adjustable

  • USB port for software updates

  • RS232 and CAN communication ports

  • Solid-state sensors