About us

  7000 Faces and Voices

For 18 years, we at Star Company provide to 7,000 friends dispersed in every corner of the world more than 3000 products from the Aviation Industry. Knowing their faces and listening to their voices we succeed in satisfying their needs and expectations that they reciprocate with their trust.

We believe anyone, who flies or takes care of a flight is part of a larger family that shares the similar thought, philosophy, and way of life.
We are people who care about awareness, safety, perfection, and quality for one simple reason above all others which explains everything without equivocation:

We are also pilots. 

We fly with you

Star Company produces, distributes and promotes technologies for light aviation.
We are manufacturers of the Avionics brand "Star Company" and also distributors / importers / exporters of many of the most prestigious international brands of high quality aviation technology.
We offer products, services, electro-avionics material, training and information for builders, installers, retailers and private pilots.
We carry out supplies programmed on a large-scale for manufacturers, factories and aircraft operators. Even with the same efficiency, and without distinguishing
Customers, we provide and supply from the smallest to the most sophisticated avionics accessory, managing and fulfilling all orders within 24 hours. We communicate aeronautical culture by all means possible for us to help and increase growth within the industry while keeping the public concerned informed. 

Passion has driven us here

In 1995, a young Massimo Mungiello takes off for the first time with Star Company. The passion and love for flying, combined with his natural aptitude for technological activities, immediately produced a spark of genius, will, innovation, such as to influence him to successfully produce some original and innovative avionics instruments.

From that day Star Company has made hundreds of thousands of take-offs and landings on all flight routes, traveling for passion or to work together with who knows how many pilots and aircrafts in the world, guaranteeing safety, efficiency, and innovation technology.