Flybox PR1 - CSU - 57 mm

Flybox PR1 - CSU - 57 mm
Part # 401010
Keeps constant RPM by adjusting propeller pitch
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The PR1-P propeller regulator control and keep constant the engine speed by varying the propeller pitch.The use is very simple: you set the desired engine RPM and the PR1-P will do all the job, displaying the target RPM and the actual RPM measured from the engine. It is completely adaptable to the characteristics of various propellers thanks to settable parameters that permits to obtain the maximum regulation accuracy.
Thanks to its patented hardware and software, PR1-P can mantain the target RPM with a precision of +/- 20 RPM, just like a propeller with hydraulic governor.
PR1-P and PR2-P are the only regulators that can be used on very fast propellers (propellers with regulation time from min to max pitch in 2~3 seconds).


  • RPM setting using the knob or the INC/DEC switch

  • Min and max pitch LED indicators

  • Propeller test before take-off

  • Hour-meter with the effective working time of the propeller electric motor

  • Possibility of connecting an external switch to adjust the pitch from the cloche

  • Possibility of connecting an external potentiometer or Flybox lever

  • LCD with backlight and coated glass
  • Safety switch to exclude electronic control in case of failure


  • Graphic LCD with backlight and coated glass, dimensions 29x18mm

  • Standard mounting 2 1/4” (57mm)

  • Anodized aluminium case

  • Dimensions: 60 x 60 x 52.6 mm

  • Weight: 190 g

  • Operational temperature range: -10 ~ +70°C

  • Supply voltage: 11 ~ 20 V=

  • Supply current: 100mA

  • Maximum motor current: 7 A

  • RPM input voltage range: 10~100 V

  • Measurable RPM range: 1000 to 8000 RPM

  • RPM Resolution: 10 RPM

  • RPM Accuracy: 0.02%